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About SuperDeals

What is it?
'Super' is an adjective we tend to associate with awesomeness, exhilaration and an abundance of quality. HomeShop18 does justice to the term, with its SuperDeals catalogue. Every day, a range of products from across categories is selected and their price tags are brought down to an all-time low, opening a limited period window to online promotions. The deals last for a little over 48 hours, giving you ample time to research and make an informed and intelligent purchase.

The online deals leniently juggle between categories, ensuring that the product on discount is also the product you've been planning to bring home. Household appliances for the home maker, the latest gadget for the geek, the season's trending designs for the fashionista or recently launched super hero figurines for your little one - whatever's topping your shopping list at the moment, HomeShop18 SuperDeals ensure that they come to you at irresistible price points.

How does it work?
An individual coupon is assigned to every product that is a part of the online offer, and applying this coupon at checkout makes your account eligible for the time-bound discount. If in case the SuperDeals for the day does not feature one of the products you've been looking to purchase, remember that there's always the promise of a new dawn. Subscribing to our SuperDeals newsletter helps you constantly stay on track with regards to what's happening on this portal of discounts. The newsletter ensures that you are alerted as and when the product you have in mind becomes additionally appealing on account of a slashed price, letting you buy it off our shelves in a jiffy.

HomeShop18's SuperDeals is a simple enough deal, and all you need to remember is that the clock is slowly ticking on your favourite product. We've launched free shipping to accentuate the convenience factor of your shopping experience, and our Cash on Delivery option makes your online shopping as hassle-free as it could ever get.

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